Essential facts about the Covid-19 Injections/“Vaccinations“

1. Are the new COVID-19 „vaccines" really vaccines?

According to the classic definition, a vaccine protects against a certain infectious disease and makes the vaccinated person immune. Immunity is not guaranteed with the Covid injections called “vaccines“.

While with the classic vaccinations a killed or weakened virus is injected in order to sti-mulate the immune system to produce antibodies, the Covid shot uses experimental – emergency use authorization only - mRNA or vector based gene therapy. This is a completely new technology that has never been applied to humans before. Animal trials were not completed. What they all have in common is that they smuggle in foreign, artificial viral genetic codes material (NOT actual virus) into human cells in order to turn them into “factories” of proteins like the spike proteins on the surface of the real virus. These spike proteins should then be identified as foreign by the immune system and trigger the formation of antibodies to the spike proteins. For this genetic manipulation of human protein production, genetic processes within human cells are interfered with. A gene-specific toxicological study has not yet been carried out.(1)

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